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Association of Trust Organizations 2019 Annual Meeting

“Just as Colvent Group left the Association of Trust Organizations (ATO) conference, we are preparing for the Stetson Special Needs Conference in Tampa Florida next week.  We always enjoy meeting new people and speaking with trust organizations about their specific real estate and vehicle needs.  We will update with pictures

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Like Sucking Golf Balls Through A Hose

At 4:45pm on a Friday in the middle of August a call came through from a property in South Georgia, the air conditioning had stopped working. With the heat index hitting 110* there were serious concern for the beneficiary due to their special health concerns. Once the technician is onsite,

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Hurricane Prep

Portfolio of Disaster

120 mph barreling towards 15 properties in your portfolio. From your office all you can do is sit and watch as the durable assets you’re responsible for stand in line destined for disaster. You’ve successfully assisted your clients with evacuation. You’ve ensured they are safely located away from impending doom.

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