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120 mph barreling towards 15 properties in your portfolio. From your office all you can do is sit and watch as the durable assets you’re responsible for stand in line destined for disaster. You’ve successfully assisted your clients with evacuation. You’ve ensured they are safely located away from impending doom. But are you ready to take on the onslaught brought on by category 3 windspeeds that have sent debris hurling into the once well maintained 2 story oceanfront property? Here are 3 helpful tips to ensure the property is ready to endure the storm.

1. Storm ready the windows.

According to the windows should be covered 18-36 hours prior to the hurricane’s projected landfall timeline. However, the best scenario is to install hurricane shutters or hurricane proof windows. This will ensure your not rushing last minute to find someone to board the windows for your clients, avoiding the concern of lack of plywood at the local hardware store.

2. Make plans for when the power goes out

If your client is staying in the home, there needs to be a plan in place for how to respond when the power goes out. During the intensity of a hurricane, there are many power surges and this can and will affect the home. To make sure the electrical system can handle the surges, its recommended to install a surge protector system in the home’s electrical panel. This needs to be completed by a certified and properly insured electrician.

3. If you have a generator make sure its serviced annually

A generator is a good investment for the beneficiary occupied trust owned property. And when the power goes out or is unstable, it gives peace of mind during a frantic time. If the generator has not been maintained properly or serviced regularly, it may not work when its needed the most. Every generator should be on an annual service schedule and tested ahead of the storm to ensure it will be there when your client needs it the most.

Here at Colvent Group we understand the weight of the fiduciaries responsibilities and work to lighten the load. We fully vet all of our contractors and vendors. We take the guesswork out of real estate asset management. From regular maintenance to emergency services. When disaster strikes, we can assist with the pains of the cleanup and guesswork of whats next. Contact us today to see how we can assist your team. “