Like Sucking Golf Balls Through A Hose


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At 4:45pm on a Friday in the middle of August a call came through from a property in South Georgia, the air conditioning had stopped working. With the heat index hitting 110* there were serious concern for the beneficiary due to their special health concerns. Once the technician is onsite, they have determined the HVAC system stopped working due to an airflow issue. The air handler is filthy, and they stated that the system must be chemically cleaned to function properly. What was the root cause? A dirty filter. The contractor said it was like “Sucking golf-balls through a hose”.

Dirty Air Filter
      “Like sucking golf balls through a hose”


It’s interesting how a $10 air filter from almost any major retailer can cost a trust literally thousands if it is not maintained and changed properly. We’ve seen water damaged ceilings, walls, and floors from something seemingly so simple; yet it is the number one forgotten home maintenance item on the to-do list, second only to testing your smoke detectors.  HVAC systems rely on airflow. If a filter is not changed properly, the outcome can be detrimental. Issues can range from small repairs to complete replacements. The filter will directly impact the drainage of the system as well. When the drain line is clogged due to a filthy system; it can backup. This will cause the pan under the system (if there is one) to overflow, resulting in costly water damages and insurance claims.

So, how do you avoid this?

Each home should be set up on a regular maintenance schedule, with HVAC systems being serviced 2x a year. It’s important to change filters out regularly, how often though is situational. Homes with multiple pets, or pets with long hair require filter changes as often as once a month. Homes with no pets, typically will change out filters quarterly, depending on the location of the home and the cleanliness of the occupants.

As a trustee, with multiple properties under your care it can be difficult to ensure that every property has been maintained properly and consistently. This results in constant emergencies like the one detailed above. Having a partner, you can rely on to maintain these properties and assess emergencies can be a complete game changer. Can you imagine moving from constant emergencies to a well-maintained, durable asset? Colvent Group can help you. Contact us today to move from knee jerk reactions, to well-maintained assets.