Why Colvent Group?

The Colvent Group is a Real Property Consulting Company that specializes in serving trustees and beneficiaries, emphasizing proactive prevention over reactive response. We have close partnerships with local, licensed and insured contractors and dealers in all 50 states in order to deliver the highest levels of excellence in repairing/maintaining homes and purchasing vehicles.

Property Consulting

Property-ConsultingWe liberate Account Managers from the time-consuming work of real-property administration. Our comprehensive services are focused on preserving durable assets through expert repair capabilities and maintenance programs.

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Vehicle Purchasing

Vehicle-PurchasingAt Colvent Group, we have highly experienced vehicle-purchasing specialists who work directly with beneficiaries and trustees to clearly define beneficiaries’ vehicle requirements, to achieve the best possible deal.

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Contractor Relations

Contractor-RelationsWe partner with the best and we welcome the participation of qualified, licensed and insured contractors who are based virtually anywhere in the United States. Learn of the many benefits of partnering with the Colvent Group.

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Licensed Contractors

PlumberColvent’s co-sourced management solutions remove the risk of poorly maintained properties from a Trust Company’s portfolio. We develop an historical database for each property and provide a strategic plan to implement future maintenance actions.

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  • About Us

    Colvent Group’s highly organized and experienced home repair experts seek to assist your business with a solution to your home management program. We realize that matters of real property administration can be time-consuming. Our service will free your Account Managers to consult with clients on matters other than real property issues. We will develop a historical database for each property and provide expert solutions and a plan to implement future maintenance actions.
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