Property Consulting

Our focus is on preserving durable assets.

Colvent Group excels at preserving durable assets through carefully planned preventive maintenance programs, as well as high-quality repairs.

We handle each step of the process, from making a selection among competing contractors through project completion.

How Trustees will benefit:

  • They will be spared the myriad procedures and details involved in property management. We hire proven, trusted contractors from our extensive national database.
  • They will enjoy peace of mind knowing that these functions are being handled properly.
  • They will save money in the long run thanks to our comprehensive preventive maintenance programs.

How Trustee Companies will benefit:

  • They will have happier, more satisfied clients.
  • Once liberated from these tasks, Account Mangers will be able to devote more time to other trust activities.

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    Colvent Group’s highly organized and experienced home repair experts seek to assist your business with a solution to your home management program. We realize that matters of real property administration can be time-consuming. Our service will free your Account Managers to consult with clients on matters other than real property issues. We will develop a historical database for each property and provide expert solutions and a plan to implement future maintenance actions.
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