About Colvent Group

In order to help trustees and beneficiaries reduce the valuable time they spend managing their durable assets, we provide a home and vehicle consulting service that delivers smart, calculated solutions covering all aspects of purchase, repair and maintenance. Our core values of integrity, service, and excellence are key to Colvent Group’s consistent success as real property consultants.

Chuck Collier, President

Colvent Group Inc spans all 50 states as our staff members forge partnerships with local, licensed, insured contractors and dealers to ensure that vehicles are purchased and homes are repaired and maintained with excellence.

Our standard in applying root-cause problem-solving techniques is the cornerstone of our company as we ensure that home, vehicle, and client requirements are well defined.

We offer four time-tested programs that provide a foundation for your success:

  • Home Consulting
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Assessment
  • Vehicle Purchasing

We gauge our success in living our Vision & Values by how well we fulfill the highest expectations of our four key stakeholder groups:


Homeownership can be taxing with repairs and maintenance as a continual work in progress. We are here to assist with the expertise required.


Reducing a trustee’s time with real property issues can be a tremendous benefit, freeing them of the daily tasks that surround home repair and maintenance.


Coordinating their skills is key to providing the home repair and maintenance we require. We insist that contractors are properly insured and carry workman’s compensation (where mandatory).

Colvent Employees

Our highly organized and experienced staff possesses the expertise to ensure that the real property consulting experience we provide is everything one could expect–and more.


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    Colvent Group’s highly organized and experienced home repair experts seek to assist your business with a solution to your home management program. We realize that matters of real property administration can be time-consuming. Our service will free your Account Managers to consult with clients on matters other than real property issues. We will develop a historical database for each property and provide expert solutions and a plan to implement future maintenance actions.
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